cb radio slang uk An NBFM signal typically occupies 15 KHz of radio spectrum. Q CODES. ” Maintain radio discipline. There is no license required, no registration, your CB even has 40 EU channels for when you take your vehicle on holiday on mainland Europe. Extended sizes from XS-5XL. Road Ranger – Smokey Roger – O. A radio small enough to be held in your hand. All Free. 21 – blower – blow up – booty call – brick – burner – buzz – cell – celly – con call – digits – dog – horn – jack – keys – number – tinkle Jan 08, 2021 · Citizen’s band (CB) radio is commonly used for mobile and fixed stations. Spelling alphabets, such as the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, consists of a set of words used to stand for alphabetical letters in oral communication. Running Shotgun – Driving partner Q codes are used in many kinds of radio communications, including CB sideband but not typically on CB AM. This means that they See below for CB radio 10-codes and CB radio terminology, trucker slang, cb lingowhatever you wanna call it! Essential knowledge for truckers, but even non-truckers should get a kick out of it. CB radios often conjure up the image of truckers talking to each while at the wheel of their respective vehicles, but since the CB licence was scrapped in 2006 they have grown in popularity. You may use the all-in-one search box on any page to search for pages on this site, dealers, clubs and related pages on other Web sites in our database. CB clubs and Organizations category is a curation of 126 web resources on , Maik Uniform U. They're a great way to stay in touch with friends whether you're hiking, drifting on a tube down a river, or in the midst of a multicar epic road trip. The more common CB terms are "ears" or "flappers" Slave Drivers: Another of the many terms meaning a group of CBers who try to control a channel. Richard Kearnes of Coastal Communications UK started his business in 1982 specialising in citizen band (cb) radio equipment and accessories. 27. Some truckers boost the power in their antennas, so they may want more powerful antennas to match. Your best bet is to just listen for a while - before ever saying a word. In common usage, the phrase "What's your 20?" is someone asking where you are or live. For most operators their first experience with skip went something like this. Sep 11, 2020 · The best CB radios offer great range, audio clarity, and are a breeze to use regardless of setting. Learning how to speak in code will help with that, however, even if you use the proper language you still need to speak in a certain manner. Slang is another big part of CB radio talk. " May 22, 2009 · On the other hand, CB is still popular among long-haul truck drivers to communicate directions, traffic problems, and other things of importance. September 5th 13, 07:07 AM posted to rec. It is a single audience measurement system for the UK radio industry servicing the BBC and commercial radio stations. Taking its roots from the traditional radio communications used by the military and other forces, Citizen Band is peppered with terms and words not found elsewhere. thanks CB Lingo & Diner Information 10-Codes 10-32 I will give you a radio check 10-33 Emergency Traffic at this station 10-34 Trouble at this station, help needed At first, it used AM, which was prone to interfering with TVs et cetera. info for stations on the map. ACE – an important or well known CB radio operator A lot about the 1970s was wild—and the 70s slang terms everyone during this decade were undeniably one of the wildest parts. Cb, short for citizens band is a two way radio device for short distance communication. 285: USB: SSB frequency used in 56 div. Pete Wigens, Stroud, Glos UK. org). A 'Smokey in a plain brown wrapper' is slang for an unmarked police car and a "Smokey report" is what CB users say when they pass on information such as the location of a police speed trap. UK FM CB RADIO is alive and well. The U. timer - repeaters often incorporate a timer or transmit time limiter to control the length of a single transmission from a user. Running on rags – Driving a vehicle with little to no tread on the tires. 'Phone: Voice operation. Synonyms . The 10 Best Citizen Cb Radios 9,705 reviews scanned The 10 Best Cb Radios 3,381 reviews scanned Cledus Maggard's unabridged dictionary of C. "Personal": CB slang for "name". 10-2 Receiving well. Radio waves and electricity don’t care about human pride. 10-20 Location. Essential Walkie Talkie Phrases There are basic phrases that may be familiar to both users and non-users because you can hear them often in popular cultures like radio codes police used on TV CB Radio Lingo One of the original attractions of CB Radio for most people was the use of a special language on the airwaves. 10–4 - Yes/Okay/Gotcha/affirmative (Big 10–4 is stronger affirmative, same as Roger That). We’ve compiled the most-used walkie talkie codes and radio etiquette tips to have you saying “10-4 over and out” in no time. Ireland. com gives you for free. 1 Citizens’ Band (‘CB’) radio operates in the 27 MHz band. My mate Pete had a rig in his car and a speaker under the bonnet. CB: Confined to Barracks (UK) CB: Clean Bench: CB: Composition B (explosive) CB: Block Coefficient (naval architecture) CB: Choice Band (gaming) CB: Confidence Bound: CB: Catalyst Bed: CB: Constant Bandwidth: CB: Charged Bolt (gaming) CB: Chief Baron (of the Court of Exchequer) CB: Cervicobrachial: CB: Center Bit (drilling industry) CB: Centralbibliotek: CB: Call Blocker: CB What is the definition of argot? What is the meaning of argot? How do you use argot in a sentence? What are synonyms for argot? Lincolnshire cb radio enthusiast. In the period 1976–1978, CB radio in Britain was much popularised by novelty hit songs [5] and its use in the film Convoy and the usage of illegal CB radio peaked in 1980. What Is CB-- From The FCC. Dec 17, 2006 · Breaker 1-9 for a radio check. Cobra 25LTD Professional CB Radio - Emergency Radio, Travel Essentials, Instant Channel 9, 4 Watt Output, Full 40 Channels, 9 Foot Cord, 4 Pin Connector 4. One of the original attractions of CB Radio for most people was the use of a special language on the airwaves. Foxtrot Lima is an international 11m DX group from Finland founded in 1998. Amateur Radio Q-Codes. 10-5 Please relay message. The following is an abbreviated list of Q codes borrowed from amateur radio: All the radios have 2 bands of 40 channels each - one band is the original UK 40 (made legal in 1981), the second band is the EU 40 (also known as Mid Band or CEPT). Some men use the DOUBLE CLICKING OF THE MIC method on the cb then may say ( 21 ) or another channel. 10-6 Busy, Occupied. Apply for or amend your amateur radio licence. There are certain radio terms that are likely already familiar to radio and non-radio users alike because of their prevalence in popular culture, from police radio codes on TV to CB radio lingo in songs and movies. Information for amateur radio licensees This can stand for a Manual 6-speed transmission, with M standing for Manual. Jan 18, 2018 · 18 January 2018 / by 26CT1994. an actual CB radio was mobile - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. A walkie-talkie is a powerful tool on a film set. Live Indiana CB Radio Feed - INTERACTIVE! About the Station and Live Feed Below: UPDATE: You can still hear a lot of chatter on Chs 22, Ch1, and Ch19, but since 2017, the reception range is only approx 30 to 40 miles, because our 50ft vertical antenna has been stuck in an Upside Down U shape We haven't been so active in this hobby in a few years, and our 50ft vertical antenna has been stuck in May 13, 2010 · ticket - slang for an amateur radio license. [1] Jul 04, 2020 · Free CB Handles, Get Your Free CB Handles Here Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012 by Jon "@fart" Hendren ( @fart ) I believe it was around the watercooler one morning where Dr. Amateur radio, sometimes known as ham radio, is both a hobby and a service that uses various types of radio equipment, allowing communication with other radio amateurs for the purpose of self-training, recreation and public service. It transmits and receives using Amplitude Modulation (AM). Also used by truckers on their CB's to refer to county sheriffs or county police departments in the US. You could say that the CB radio was a forerunner for social media, because once technology started becoming more innovative, so did what truck drivers used to communicate on the road. The latest trend is for new radios to be "multi-standard". amateur. All locked up means “The weigh station is closed” Alligator means “Tire on the road” and can look like an alligator lying on the road”. There are 3 types of Ham radios i. ) Q codes originated with amateur radio but their use in CB radio lingo varies even more than 10-codes. Over. CB Lingo: CB Lingo Explanation: Alligator: Blown Tire In Road: Alligator Radio: CB With “ALL Mouth and NO Ears” Ankle Biter: Small Child: Antler Alley: Deer Crossing: Baby Bear: Rookie Cop: Back Door: Behind You: Back Door Closed: Rear Of Convoy Covered From Police: Back ’em Up: Slow Down: Backslide: Return Trip: Back Off The Hammer Slang is another big part of CB radio talk. But CB radios are legally restricted to 4W in the UK and 5W in the US, so if you want a wider range, get a ham radio with a Nov 09, 2020 · CB: Slang for an old Honda, not CB radio, so avoid the confusion. To UK CB Menu To Main CB Menu: UK Towns CB slang "A" Place Slang Term; Anstruther: Dodge City: Antrim: Fly Town: Appledore: Cider Town: Ardrossan: Boom Town: Ards > CB Radio I started out with CB radio in Hull in 1982 with my very first Pegasus 3 120 channel radio, an SWR meter, a power pack and an aerial stuck on the top of a biscuit tin. Jul 13, 2017 · Knowing CB lingo has always been part of being a trucker. In those years the FCC required CB radio operators to obtain a license, easily gotten by filling out FCC form 505, paying Dec 04, 2020 · Initially CB radios were mostly used by small businesses, truck drivers, and radio hobbyists, but as the cost, weight, and size of the radio devices began to drop in the late 1960s, they started to become popular with the general public. If you try to use "CB slang" right away, without really understanding how drivers make the words fit together, you’re may end up feeling foolish. Jan 10, 2021 · Midland 75-822 CB radio is powered by six AA batteries, as well as a car power port (battery life can be extended). In addition, specific models mentioned in the CB Radio forum Like cobra CB radios, tti, president to name a few, we sell cb radio Transceivers For AM-FM-SSB, for your all your cb radio gear and more are here for future reference. We re talking about a phenomenon called skip that happens on the CB radio band. During the '70s, an actual CB radio was not required to use this slang. They’re not a secure line, so that’s a downer, and their range is limited, so that’s a bummer, but if you’ve got a radio gig set up in your ride or home, and so do your neighbors, post-doomsday you can hop on and say, “Yo, George. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! Types of Ham Radios. Section 1. Taking its roots from the tradi Mar 26, 2019 · The CB radio service was created in 1945 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which designated a portion of the radio spectrum for use by average citizens for personal communication. It functions both as a radio transmitter (when sending messages) and a receiver (when receiving messages). Galaxy DX 959 CQDX11 CB Radio LIVE AUDIO Live QSO CHAT on Facebook Pages & Groups Below DAK MK IX Mod to SSB VIDEO Stoner Pro 40 CB Base Startup CPI CP 2000 Base Station and BC2000 Console on ebay Anatomy of an Internet Radio for Sale Scam at QRZ The Basics of Marine Radio Use To use your VHF, turn it on and pick a channel, set the squelch to the point where you don't hear any white noise, and begin talking. 2 9. CB Terminology Used By Truckers; CB Radio "10-Codes" CB Slang for As citizens band radio has been advertised in the US since before 1962, it is possible that a number of these radios were brought into the UK and used illegally. Oct 04, 2020 · CB (or Citizens Band) radio is a type of radio that transmits signals on a channel shared by other CB radios. Includes link to the CB Radio Ring. has some marks and scratches as seen in the photos. 245: FM: Packet radio in Europe 27. The level of the audio Oct 30, 2010 · Many of the CB slang from the 1970’s hung around and became slang that continued to be used outside the realm of CB radio communications. "Roger That," "Mayday" & More. K, Wisconsin Michigan CB Radio And Scanner Club, Whisky Oscar. To increase the CB radio range, review your radio frequency output, station location, antenna height, and antenna setup and type. Over the decades, truckers have developed their own dialect in the form of CB radio lingo. CB slang for a Police officer. See Scene Insecure for details. A master isn’t afraid to say, “I don’t know. See pskreporter. Twin Pets – A CB’er who has 2 sets from the same manufacturer Two miles of ditches for every mile of road – Drive safely, keep in the middle. It has lost its popularity in the 21st century due to the influx of modern communication devices. Typically used with radios that operate on the VHF ham bands or above. RAJAR. Black’n White- Cop. CB radios are great for limited TEOTWAWKI communication purposes. (If your radio doesn't have sideband, don't worry about Q codes. 10-1 Receiving Poorly; 10-2 Receiving Well; 10-3 Stop Transmitting; 10-4 Ok, Message Received; 10-5 Relay Message; 10-6 Busy, Stand By; 10-7 Out of Service, Leaving Air; 10-8 In Service, subject to call; 10-9 Repeat Message Skyhook: Originally an amateur radio term for antenna, still used by hams who also operate CB rigs. The Q Code consists of three-letter groups with each group having a specific meaning. You will have to use an RF relay to do this. With this came users with low technical skills resulting in lots of radios having blown final transistors. Command Channel - the radio frequency on which the command and control radio chatter occurs. Bekijk meer ideeën over Radiozender, Electronics projects, Antennes. Derivation of the CB radio term "10-20"--meaning one's present location. Aug 23, 2018 · Here is a complete list of all CB Radio 10 codes / CB Radio Lingo: CB Radio Lingo / CB Codes. THIS IS GOOD INFO - PRINT OUT AND KEEP HANDY "When anyone calls 10111 – or any other The Lying Living Legend Is this your business? Claim this business 6705 Gary Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21222 . A Guide to Truckers Slang Truck drivers drive hundreds of miles and spend hours in trucks on a daily basis. You must have seen in action movies how armed forces communicate using radio and wireless (walky-talky) sets. CB Radio is the perfect combination of club music and pure pleasant high level of bass for which they have become very popular across the world. That’s what prompted me to create this CB radio quiz. Packed channels when conditions are right. In line 3 Ziggy did not ask for Bernie’s “10-20” as in CB radio lingo. cb,rec. There are articles on getting started in hobby radio, information on new equipment, from radios to coax and also a look at the CB Radios that started it all. Resources listed under CB Radio category belongs to CB Radio main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Range of styles in up to 16 colors. How Does One Use A CB Radio? A Very Brief History of CB Radio. The decision was made to use FM in the UK and 40 channels were legalised in the 1980s. 10-36 The Correct Time. Most of the slang described things you’d see on the highways. com and hosted a fake mirror of the original www. Not used in Amateur radio but occasionally heard from newcomers. eyeball: Slang for a face-to-face meeting between two ham radio operators or radio hobbyists. A contraction of "telephone" adopted when amateurs started experimenting jargon, slang, idiom, cant, dialect, parlance, patter, speech, vernacular, patois, terminology, language, tongue, -speak Tags: kiss fm uk, kiss fm, radio, kiss radio station, talk radio, kiss uk, kiss fm radio station, live radio, uk, uk fm cb radio, radio fm, radio uk, music radio, live radio music, radio 1, cb radio, pop radio, ham radio, radio stations, best radio, live music radio, talk, kiss radio, radio ga ga, best radio 1, ssb cb radio, radio ga ga official video, listen radio, amateur radio, 24 7 live The term CB radio stands for citizens band radio. Citizens’ Band (‘ CB ’) radio. Also, if you're brand new to the CB world, get up to speed on CB basics here. Dec 10, 2020 · Storage for all the radio station's equipment. Swindon Wiltshire UK. Luckily, mastering film set walkie talkie lingo isn’t as hard as finding your film crew. The CB radio is full of slang terms that don’t make much sense at first. In the UK the 40 UK and 40 EU channels can be used, however when using your CB abroad you just select the appropriate frequency band for the county you are in (please note: licences are required CB approved according to the European norm EN 300 433-2 and EN 300 135-2; Easy convertible to 10m HAM radio Frequencies; Note: this radio is an approved multistandard CB and will operate on the various EU standards including UK CB bands. Cb Radio Lingo Head Set Cb Radio Marine Cb Radios Arf Cb Radio Manual Uniden Cb Radios Cb Radio Uk Cb Radio Base Antenna Cb Radio Bas Station Antenna Mounts In radio communication, a "spelling alphabet" (often mistakenly called a "phonetic alphabet) is used to avoid confusion between similarly sounding letters. Please stay away from cb-tricks. It is still in common use, although increasingly police cars use Battenburg markings . co. 0L V10. policy,rec. This is an 8 to 1 radio. An illegal device for CBers since all Citizens' Radio equipment must be crystal controlled. Here's a quiz for all you die hard CB radio fans. Packet radio in Europe 27. Things to remember when you are on the radio: Monitor channel 16 when you are not actively in conversation with someone else. It covers many of the words that truckers and others used for CB conversations. Here it is your complete CB Radio starter pack. And over time more words formed. HAM Radio Shops, Amateur Radio Shop, Icom, Hytera, Kenwood, Yaesu, Antennas, Antenna Tuners, Power Supplies, Coax, CB Radio, Scanners, Receivers, Short Wave, Barnsley, UK, Call 01226 361700, Yorkshire The HAM Radio Shop Amateur Radio Dealer Suppliers United Kingdom Two Way Radio Hire Two Way Radio Sales Repair Service Scanners CB Radio A - ALL USA CB radios are allowed only the 40 regular CB channels, the radio must be FCC approved for CB use, & have the 4w AM/12W pep SSB maximum output power, license free. Since 1958, CB radios have served as an important means of communication for truck drivers and a great hobby for electronics fans. Citizens Band radio was created by the FCC in 1958. wearing nothing on the feet. The Dual Watch feature allows you to always control the two most important channels. A slang term for the police (CB slang, "Smokey the Bear" in reference to the Highway Patrol campaign hats. ( slang for a police officer on trucker's CB radio - or so I read ) Radio Lingo Learn how to talk over a Two Way Radio like a Professional. The transmit power and antenna system of the radio also need to be optimized. 405 MHz. It is a short-range radio service for both hobby and business use. Idiot’s guide to shooting skip – CB radio 11 Meters Skip Conditions. Roller Skate – A car Rolling Ranch – Cattle truck Rubberneckers – lookers. Mar 01, 2011 · An Ok book but I have not really used it as limited information applicable to the UK. Plain Brown Wrapper (US): Most commonly used by truck drivers over the CB radio, in reference to unmarked vehicles and plainclothes police officers, usually of local or state jurisdictions. As you'll see, the terminology is a bit different in this mode versus standard AM transmissions. LAST NIGHT; He's the panto king - oh yes he is Remember in the '70s when citizens' band (CB) radios were popular and most of your friends installed them in their cars? 10/11Meter Band freq Chart - UK- Conversion. By 1984, enthusiasm for CB radio had waned a little, but it was still hugely popular. The dodgy slang may have gone but cb radio is still here. CB Radio Starter Kits; CB Radios and accessories; Extension Speakers; Health and Safety; Hunting Accessories; Linear Amplifiers; Network radio; Plugs and Connectors; Power Supplies and Inverters; Scanner Aerials; Tools; TV Aerials and Sattellite; History of CB Radio; CB Radio Tips and Tricks; About Us; Blog; Manuals; Contact Us Aug 14, 2006 · Questions were soon asked in Parliament about this fad that was disrupting emergency pagers and the public's reception of ordinary radio and television. When you get a reply ask what mile marker they are at. You can search for channels in the U. It is meant to be monitored all the time while underway to assist in emergencies if necessary, to hear Coast Guard alerts for weather and hazards or restrictions to navigation, and to hear another vessel hailing you. It's The expression 10-4 further spread into popular culture when it was featured in C. The handheld transceivers allow ham operators to communicate on the go; due to their low power output, handheld ham radios typically have a range of only 5 miles at the most; their range can be increased by a nearby Jan 14, 2004 · Wall-to-wall and tree-top tall. CB slang started to evolve, CB clubs were formed, and the CB 10 codes came about. CB Radio Slang. With our world full of iPhones and GPS, the art of communicating on the Citizens Band radio is dwindling; at K&J Trucking, we love trucker slang. Includes Top 10. 405 MHz Band & the older allocation Band, namely 27. works best on channle 19. Black Ice -A patch of iced over blacktop road. 7 9. Feb 22, 2020 · We will now talk about the slang. Ramp. Nicknames given or adopted by CB radio users are known as "handles". CB Radio Slang; CB Radio 10-Codes; SSB Q-Codes; Trucking & CB Stories; Reviews Reviews; Reviews Search; Watergates Watergates; Add New Watergate; Club Login Remember me. radio. W. 245: USB: 11m ROS frequency (not so many stations however). Black’n White Cber -Cop with CB in his car. Find more ways to say radio, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. cbtricks. CB Radio (or Citizens Band Radio, giving it it's official name) was legalised in the UK in 1981 as a cost effective and simple means of communications, and at first there were 40 channels available for anyone to use. Mar 19, 2019 - A nifty little software Virtual CB-FUNK will turn you PC into a "virtual internet cb radio" Part 1 we explain you how this great little software works. Alongside the general ‘slang’ used there ae also meanings behind a lot of the ‘codes’ used in communications. from the slang term beetle crushers, in reference to the heavy boots they wore in the era. Fear not the lingo is not hard to pick up after a while listening and taking part. It originally meant “love and kisses” (I think a lot of radio operators would stop using it if they knew that) but it later was changed to mean “best regards” and it is widely used today by both CB and amateur radio operators. 10-9 Repeat what was just said. All 80 channel radios are compatible with the older 40 channel UK radios (eg those marked 27/81). Mar 7, 2019 - Gateway to Indian Radio Amateurs. Citizens Band Radio (CB Radio) was used for long-range communication before the invention of email and cellular phones. 1970s Vintage CB RADIO Lingo Brass Belt Buckle, Made in USA - Long Haul Trucking, Trucker, Tractor Trailer, Trucker Gift, Smokey Bear Steamcrunk From shop Steamcrunk But hand-held CB radios have a far shorter range than car CBs, which can get from 2 to 10 miles depending on the brand. 1. However, while it was legal to own such a device, it was not legal to operate on the airwaves. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. family,uk. It is authorized 40 channels between 26. CB radios can be modified for use in Amateur Radio's 10-meter range, which is legal only for licensed operators to do. Example: "10-4, good buddy. 4 wheeler - usually refers to cars, but anything with 4 wheels would apply. Find channels close to your location based on GPS or 3G/WiFi triangulation. CB & Ham Radio SSB Q-Codes Below are the commonly used SSB (single sideband) Q-codes for both CB and Ham Radio. I first used one at a friends house in early 1980 and I was instantly hooked. . Ham lingo and CB lingo do not typically mix in the same on -air circles. The May 27, 2014 · Rake the leaves – Last vehicle in a CB convoy Redneck radio – Someone who talks on the CB using only slang terms. CB Radios,CB Slang,Linear Amplifiers,CB Microphones,Schematics,CB Antennas,CB and Ham Radio Knowledge CB and amateur radio, is to 'smart phones' as fishing is to fish fingers. I bid you a very warm welcome to Citizens Band Radio, a place to read about various aspects of Citizen's Band Radio in the UK. Radio Frequency (RF) A signal for which an AM/FM radio station is broadcast on, like 109. CB radio has 40 channels, 10 of which are NOAA and 2 emergency channels. FreeWay Radio Software - FreeWay Log - A log program for 11mts CB Frequencies CB Channels CB Slang-- From Welfare Wally's Site Nov 25, 2020 · (CB radio slang) Transmitting without the use of an amplifier. It also may be used for voice paging. Similar service includes the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). voiced in this ham radio QSO. com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. In fact, there were no “good buddies” or “10-4s” or “smokies” or any of that other CB stuff. Sheila Tracy was Britain’s first woman newsreader, who took to the air on BBC Radio 4 in 1974. The slang was popularised on TV shows such as The Bill, The Sweeney and Minder; as well as spreading through the use of CB radio. Jan 21, 2018 · If you recall CB Radio from the 70’s and 80’s you may probably remember that part of the attraction was the unique terminology that was an obligatory aspect of using the CB Radio in those days. If you remember CB Radio from the 70's and 80's you will probably remember that part of the attraction was the special language that was a compulsory part of using the CB Radio in those days. Penelope's (US): A slang word for the police term coined by the SF Bay Area rap artist E-40. CBs surged into popularity in the 1970s, and along with that popularity came a whole new language of trucker jargon called CB slang or CB talk. 275: USB: SSB calling frequency in the UK 27. Jul 30, 2016 · CB Radio, Amateur and 2-Way Radio Forum other than a CB-Slang dictionary type thing that says "To key a Microphone is to hold down the button without talking We will only ship to UK and N. It was also illegal to use in the United Kingdom. Just type in keywords and click the button to have all these searches done in one go. McCall’s 1975 song “Convoy,” where he uses trucker CB radio slang like breaker one-nine (a radio channel used by truckers) and 10-4. A number of options were put forward and were whittled down to the final choices - Channel 14 or 19 for AM, Channel 12/27/34/38 for SSB. Since then (way back in the 80's) my health is not quite as good as it was. Mar 05, 2015 · March 5, 2015. CITIZENS' BAND (Channel 4, 11. Cb radio chat and eyeball Dec 28, 2020 · If a funny name suits your team, it’s easy to get inspiration from day-to-day banter with your fellow officers and slang terms related to your job. International Q Code is an abbreviated way to exchange a great deal of information with a simple code. Feb 23, 2017 · While spending long hours out on the road, truck drivers in the 1970s and 1980s certainly had time to get creative when they began coming up with their delightful CB radio lingo and slang. uk/jumbo/multimode/viking - 1 harrier cb/cbx/cbhq - 1 harvard 400m - 5 harvard 402mpa - 1 harvard 420m - 1 harvard good buddy - 4 hy-gain 5 - 1 icom icb-1050 - 1 jwr mk2 - 1 jaws mk2 - 8 kraco kcb4030 - 1 kraco kcb4004 - 2 lcl 2740 - 11 lake manxman - 3 legionaire - 4 maxcom 4e/20e/21e - 8 maxcom 30e - 1 midland 2/3/4/5/6/7001 - 1 Sep 17, 2017 · CB was dominated by impenetrable slang and code names, so these cards would often bear names like “Little Bo Peep” and “Randy Andy”. Mar 04, 2020 · From A3 to ZZZ we list 1,559 text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate and understand today’s texting lingo. With no license required the CB's maximum output allowed by law is 5 watts, making for about 5 miles maximum communication with topograpical limitations considered. Primarily used by truckers wanting to communicate with each other to pass the time on long commutes, CB radio is still used today. This colour scheme is reminiscent of jam sandwiched between two slices of white bread, hence the name. com website and is trying too sell access too the great content www. Code 4 - widely recognized slang for "Scene Is Secure". B. QRM Manmade interference. CB Radio slang Lingo used in the 1980's . Jun 27, 2020 - Did you know that you can communicate by CB radio in a special language named CB radio 10 codes & CB slang? CB 10 codes are different from Morse code & easy. Whatever you don't care; What's Hanging that's cool & what's up; What's Poppin what's going on with you; What's the Skinny What's up? what's going on? Where Ever You Go, There You Are Oct 12, 2019 · The speed limit on the interstate back in the 1970s was 55mph when CB radio slang was first being developed, although the speed limit has since increased on many roads, even for truckers. scanner,alt. Adios - I'm signing off. Many CB operators are less familiar with Q codes as they are mostly only used in the SSB (single sideband) areas of CB radio. It is a public, two-way radio station with up to 40 channels. As with the other types of PRS, such as FRS, GMRS, MURS, and LPRS (Low Power Radio Service), CB is intended for both consumer and business use. If you have an elderly dog named Skip don t worry, this isn t a story on how to euthanize your pet. Below is a large list of CB radio slang used during the 1970’s CB radio craze. handheld ham radio, mobile ham radio, and base-station ham radio. Dec 21, 2015 · For years CB Radio use remained a way for truckers to pass the time. David Thorpe, "Friendly" Greg Pollock, and I decided to buy a CB radio and spend our workday breaks riding the ionosphere with some grizzled old roadfolk. Based on a TYPICAL 40-Ch Per Band Display NOTE: a = Alpha Channels (MISSING from a wide range of Radios) Channels can be achieved via 10khz switch or 10Khz Kc Shift CONVERT High Bands 40'Ch display & 41->80'Ch Display to UK-40, Turning KC-Shift from the center slot use -4khz or +9khz Another word for radio. Welcome to the most complete CB slang dictionary on the internet. Some of this is from the military, but most of it was created in the trucking community as a way of talking without being understood by others. Through the use of CB radios and visits with fellow truck drivers at local truck stops, they have a unique lingo that are only understood by fellow drivers. If you are struggling to understand the military language your son, daughter, mother, father or an ex-military colleague is using. CB stands for Citizens Band and a CB radio can be useful for people who do a lot of driving, such as farmers at work, couriers and taxi drivers. 505mhz USB, Started Thursday past and will be every week from now on in, right folks get them Radios hoked out for these oul dark nights over the winter, this week proved a massive success with station's old and new , let's get 11m alive again 👍 👍 👍 The ban on using CB radio will take effect on July 1, 2020. a period of time when someone does not…. thats all you need to say. 315: FM: Call frequency in CB slang (Citizens Band slang) is the distinctive anti-language, argot or cant which developed among users of Citizens Band radio (Wikipedia. Get a CB!, For decades this has been a popular method to ( ESTABLISH ) contact with a GayTrucker. S. Ten-codes, also known as 10-codes or ten signals, are code words used by many police officers to aid with voice communication. Regulatory and equipment information . The codes were originally developed in 1937 to allow for brevity, clarity, and standardization of messages transmitted over radio channels. Backed out of it means “No longer able to maintain speed”. The other is hoping someone will follow them to that channel then a private conversation takes place on the CB! This person registered cb-tricks. The definitions of these slang words appear below the list. [1] A narrow bandwidth form of FM used by Amateurs and nearly all FM two way radio services. The craze had its own trucker slang. The citizen’s band radio had been around for years prior, but now became very useful to truckers. We formed the DX group in November 2006 as many CB operators across the UK and beyond are beginning to get back into the radio and DX hobby. The song went number one on the charts in the US and abroad and was even made into a movie in 1978. Oct 06, 2020 · When you're talking to somebody on a CB radio and you want them to know you've heard what they just said. 10-4 means 'Message understood' and is sometimes abbreviated to 'That's a 4!' 10-20 means 'location' as in 'what's your 20?' Jan 10, 2011 · cmon,c'mon. The Citizens Band Radio Service, or CB, as it is commonly called, is a type of radio communication under the category of Personal Radio Service. Jan 06, 2021 · Posted in Radio Hacks, Retrotechtacular, Slider Tagged 934 MHz, cb, cb radio, uk British Cops Catch Shooter-Printing Villain September 20, 2019 by Jenny List 84 Comments Citizens Band Radio Northern Ireland September 27, 2019 · Weekly Net 27. So a ham radio station running 1000 Watts AM, would sound no better than another ham running 125 Watts PEP (Peak Envelope Power) on SSB!!! The Efficiency of SSB Transmitters. CB Radio Transceivers can now be used on ssb in the uk. This came about because of the amount of CB action in the UK by people using illegaly imported CB radios from the USA and campaigning to have it legalised in Britain. I was 15 years old and could not believe this world I had suddenly connected into. The cards also told others which area you were broadcasting Jul 17, 2003 · Trying to remember my CB codes from way back in the good ol' days when my handle was Julius Caesar. I hope you enjoy this trip into a time when "smokies", "beavers" and 10-4 ruled the radio waves. You can still have a valid communication system between a group of pals or for emergency contact using CB radio. and other countries by country, state or province and county. 965-27. Propagation on the 11 meter band is currently at a low but we expect this to rise over the next few years and contacts worldwide will be possible on a regular basis, particularly now we are at the sunspot Nov 21, 2019 · The UK CB boom had a surprising effect, in that it brought a whole new audience into radio as a hobby and caused a corresponding boom throughout the 1980s as many of those people went on to obtain THUNDERPOLE | THUNDERPOLE have the largest UK CB Radio online shop, we also specialise in walkie talkies 2-way radio, radio scanners and amateur radio. Back door means “Something behind you”. [/quote] You obviously haven't heard that ham radio are now equipped with dmr or digital transmit now, not just the proprietary ones dedicated to some radios but open dmr, with repeaters linked so you can talk to anyone in the world using your local repeater, providing it Police Scanner 5-0 brings you more than 5,000 police, fire, rescue and other radio feeds over 3G or WiFi. CB radio enthusiasts and users have come up with a colorful dictionary of slang and lingo to use while on the airwaves. Channel 16 is for hailing and distress messaging only. WATCH this. radio lingo 9. com: New Radios coming soon The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is instead a spelling alphabet (also known as telephone alphabet, radio alphabet, word-spelling alphabet, or voice procedure alphabet). Top 100 CB Sites WOW -- CB Site Loaded with mods, alignments, circuit and block diagrams, component data sheets for CB radio. In the above, we learned that it would take 1000 watts of AM to be as effective as 125 watts SSB. The muppets are alive ! Things will only improve on CB and SSB thro To help you understand some of the most popular radio lingo used today, we broke it down here. We present info on FL activities as well as some general 11m & radio related info. 45pm - 1. Sep 23, 2017 · Learn radio jargon used in two-way radio communication. Weather Capabilities - CB radios with this feature have the ability to access local NOAA radio stations for real-time weather reports and updates. Do you want just two adjustments or more? The project can be done in two stages, detection of SWR and adjustment of the antenna tuning. Before very long, the CB band was awash with lots of users, thus finding a “free” channel on which to hold a conversation became all but impossible. For Santa Cruz County Fire, this is generally the main dispatch frequency January 7, 2021 10 metre devices 10 metres 10m 11 metres 11M 25-30MHz 27MHZ AM amateur radio cb funk cb radio cb radio europe cb radio in europe CB RADIO UK citizen band radio citizens band radio dx'ing export mode export radios FM ham radio HIGH POWER made in malaysia modifications Ranger RCI 2970 N4 simonthewizard SSB www. This CB radio operates in the frequency range of 26. Sep 19, 2016 · NBCGetty Images The term "Roger that" is a widespread term for confirmation, either between truckers on their CB radios, kids playing back and forth with walkie-talkies, or even face to face. Finland 27. You can transmit on AM & FM too. Top F -layer: The region of the ionosphere found approximately 90 to 400 miles above Earth and which is responsible for most long distance propagation on frequencies below 30 MHz. 60125-27. If you do not have a CB radio shop in your area, the following Galaxy CB models are now available on: Galaxy DX 2547: Galaxy DX 979. Jul 14, 2016 · If you don’t know what CB radio is, Mario explains what it is, and its rise and fall in these excerpts: In the mid-1970’s an early form of social media was sweeping across the country known as CB (Citizens Band) radio. Expanded table of contents of all meanings in The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus). Slider. With the popularity and rise in use of online text-based communications came the emergence of a new texting language, tailored to the immediacy and compactness of these new communication media. It is predominantly masculine and outlaw in nature but its frequent reference to bears gives it a fairytale quality. jabberproducts. It can be a lot of fun to listen to other drivers talk over a CB (Citizens’ Band) radio. It can also be modified to operate on 10m, 11m & 12m where permitted and you have a suitable license. 965 – 27. I hear you loud and clear. HT – Handheld Transceiver, also known as a Handy-Talkie or Walkie-Talkie. “The Slammers” and “Boys in Blue” are common examples from our list, but you can come up with a very unique name based on inside jokes from your team. uk Radioworld UK sales of amateur radios, CB radio, radio scanners, DAB radio, Roberts radios and antenna tuners, Radioworld have been established since 1997, and have grown into one of the largest suppliers of radio communications equipment within the United Kingdom. Baby bear- Cop in training, As I already mentioned, it’s difficult to understand people at times when you’re talking over the walkie-talkie. Here are some examples of CB slang. Citizens’ Band Radio equipment– information and operation . The CB radio is not completely dead. There is also a BMW M6 model, available in coupe or convertible, which sports a 500hp 5. It created a whole new language that only the CB’ers could understand. When you listen to CB transmissions you hear all sorts of strange sounding phrases, some can be fairly obvious others a little more difficult to understand. But a mixture of the anti-authority feel of All CB Radios we sell come with a minimum of 80 channels (40 UK and 40 European) and most are 'multi-band' allowing you to use them all around Europe. CB Slang Museum No longer the days of 10-4 good buddy or Keep your nose between the ditches and the bears off your britches, keep your shiny side up and your greasy side down, or even 10-10 till we do it again. I'm planning to fit a CB to my mobility scooter, here is Newquay. The Retrospace CB Radio Slang Dictionary In 1973, the US government imposed a 55 mph speed limit in response to the oil crisis. But they're mostly Dec 07, 2019 · Most of the older lingo is no longer used, but here’s a few that are still used on AM (Amplitude Modulation) CB Radio: Big Truck - 18 wheeler. 10-10 Message Complete (Also used to say goodbye) 10-13 Traffic Report. Galaxy DX 929. Bogey. Nov 23, 2020 #9 Because it would help his 'joints' Reply. 965 MHz and 27. a period of time when nothing is broadcast by radio: 2. CD Radio slang from a to z. You can save your favorites, listen in the background, and get instant access to new feeds as they come online radio silence definition: 1. ham int. In Reply to: Wall-to-wall posted by Word Camel on January 14, 2004: : Could anyone please tell me which is the meaning of the adjective "wall-to-wall"? Note: Citations are based on reference standards. Here is a link to everything you need to In the early part of 2014 UK CB radio users across the major forums and websites had a vote to establish calling channels for AM and SSB modes which were about to be legalised in the UK. You may also come across the “Q” code, mainly used by Radio Amateurs but a few have been adopted by CB users. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. CB Radio is used on 27 mhz am/fm/ssb. Police Radio 10-Codes. be effective against new strain in UK. Dec 27, 2020 · When you're talking to somebody on a CB radio and you want them to know you've heard what they just said. Over time you will hear arguments, tips, warnings about accidents, bad drivers and the weather. K. " QRP is radio slang for "low power" it is not a thing you adjust. The CB Language CB Radio has a language, Lingo,Jargon, Slang all off its own. CB History - From Wikipedia. Most vintage Hondas models start with CB, as in CB750, CB550, CBX, CB1100F, and so on (and on and on and on). An OK for firefighters and medics to enter an incident where threats might have existed. Everything to get you on the air and enjoying totally FREE access to the airwaves. Here is your go-to guide/dictionary of all the words and phrases that you will ever need to know. Advancements in electronics quickly made owning a CB feasible for the average American, but it wasn't until the 1970s that the medium would hit its stride. " Everyone, even ham radio operators, legally are supposed to use FCC approved CB radios for channels 1-40. com and support the original www. Apart from the numerous slang and special words used there was an etiquette used by most CB Users when making contact with each other. Technically, a CB radio is a transceiver. CB Radio Lingo One of the original attractions of CB Radio for most people was the use of a special language on the airwaves. 95 . Instant Channel 9 & 19 - The ability to quickly jump to two of the most popular channels: Channel 9 (emergency) and Channel 19 (highway/truckers). 6 out of 5 stars 1,847 Wireless Phone Accessory Mar 01, 2017 · Communications 101: A Quick Guide to Radio Lingo How to guides Whether you’re training new starters – or refreshing the skills of seasoned personnel with years of experience working with two-way radios – it’s essential to ensure that everyone speaks the same radio lingo. 30am) Paul LeMat is the self- appointed guardian of a small town's CB airwaves. cb To be honest, the list of truckers' CB radio slang terms is so long, it eclipses the list of suggested words prospective graduate students must learn before taking the GRE. 36 likes. The fake website sells a membership for $39. There are as total of 40 channels on the CB band. Many truck drivers will call each other "Hand", or by the name of the company they are driving for. Operators adopted colourful nicknames called “handles” for use on the air. There is No "Ham", Business, or other License that will allow the user to run higher Power, use "extra" channels, buy/sell CB amps or modified Amateur Rigs in the 11M 26 Mar 25, 2008 · written by Derrick James. ! Jan 29, 2016 · CB came to be identified with the culture of the open road. Bleeding/Bleedover -Strong signals from a station on another channel, interfering with your reception. Movies like Smokey and the Bandit or Convoy would be pretty boring without the code. 5FM. Nevertheless, truckers still use the old “double nickel” slang to refer to the speed limit, even though it represents 55mph. Posted by ESC on January 14, 2004. My first interest in CB radio was sparked by listening to my grandmothers neighbour interfering with her radio gram. I pestered my mum to get me one and someone took full advantage of the fact I knew nothing Feb 16, 2017 · CB slang is the distinctive anti-language, argot or cant which developed amongst users of citizens' band radio (CB), especially truck drivers in the USA during the 1980s. : The Beast American term used in this singular form to refer to any number of police officers as well as when referring to an entire police force or to police in general. there is no owners manual, no antenna, no brackets. CB is covered under Part 95 of the FCC rules. 99125, divided into 40 channels using FM. 11 Granny Lane - Slow Lane Sep 08, 2009 · 10-1 Receiving poorly. When you are performing public service, whether in an emergency or not, practice your radio discipline: Know and follow the rules of the operation, follow the instructions of a net control station, transmit only when authorized and necessary, use plain Aug 14, 2020 · Invented in 1945 by walkie-talkie creator Al Gross, the CB radio was intended to give blue collar workers the ability to communicate with one another while on the job site. This has long been the case in the United States, but less so in Europe where until recently conflicting regulations made it impossible for the same radio to be used across Europe. This will help to give you an idea on range. It is designed to be used without the need for technical kernow beta 1100 uk fm cb radio in used condition. The Act allows only handsfree operation mode of the above-mentioned devices without taking your eyes off the road. RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research. I originally purchased as my brother and I had purchased a set of the BaoFeng UV-5R Plus* UV 5R+ Dual-Band 136-174/400-480 MHz FM Ham Two-way radios from amazon for general communication whilst in the outdoors (fishing and walking) and as emergency communications should either society break-down (unlikely I DJs Dave Lee Travis and Paul Burnett then released a spoof version of CW McCall's Convoy in 1976, calling themselves Laurie Lingo and the Dipsticks, and this propelled the trend to even greater heights as Britain went crackers over "the people's radio. From the look of that circuit all it is doing is switching a capacitor across the antenna. Their use and popularity peaked during the 1970s, although they're still used by hobbyists today. CB radio (related to) See also UK slang (list Dec 22, 2015 · Go to Sesame Street: Turn your CB radio to Channel 19 (the most commonly used channel) Reading the mail: Just lurking on the radio, usually on Sesame Street. 10-3 Stop transmitting. e. I was CB Radio means Citizens Band Radio. 10-4 OK, message received. Welcome to my CB Radio, Citizens Band Radio Site. Sweden 27. output power 4 watts and good working condition. Dec 18, 2010 · The highest number of CB radio UK licence holders was recorded in 1983 - 300,000. Often referred to as the “hinternet” hinternet- Slang term often used in reference to HSMM. The time limit is set by the repeater owner. 28-mrt-2020 - Bekijk het bord 'CB radio' van Aad Verheij, dat wordt gevolgd door 2147 personen op Pinterest. [citation needed] Cuntstable Every channel on VHF radio has a specific purpose. 8 2: Dec 29, 2017 · In the late 1970s to early 1980s, there was a frenzy for Citizens Band (CB) radio in the UK. Here's Why YOU SHOULD TRASH YOUR CB RADIO! In this video I remove and replace my older Cobra 29LX CB radio for a newer and smaller unit from President Electr To understand these words and phrases, below are some walkie talkie lingo for beginners from the most popular radio language that people are using today. Supplying local cb enthusiasts on the Essex coast in Clacton-on-Sea, UK, Coastal Communications UK soon became known for its quality of service and friendly staff Hi Everyone I could do with some advice here, it's been many years since I was on the CB. Although the BBC’s news service had been set up by a woman, Hilda Matheson, in 1927, it would be The Citizens Band (CB) Radio Service is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communications service for personal or business activities of the general public. Affirmative means “Yes”. But it’s nothing unless you know the walkie-talkie lingo. [citation needed] Crusher UK Victorian era slang term for a police officer. William Hogan and David Titlow discuss the golden age of CB radio and their new book Eyeball Cards: The Art Of British CB Radio Culture with Deputy Editor Emily Bick From the late 1970s to the early 80s, Citizens Band, or CB radio was at its height, as enthusiasts would broadcast from rigs set up in cars or garages across the UK. Background The CB Service provides a service for short-distance CB Radio is the radio for clubbing music and the music that are high in bass are played here and this is their attracting feature. 235: USB: SSB frequency used in 21 div. Resource features Indian amateur news, photos, circuits, articles, downloads, message boards and discussion forums Feb 13, 2016 · This song by C. CB radios approved for use in the U. According to the FCC, “the Citizens Band Radio Service (CB) is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communications service for personal or Sep 09, 2019 · Citizen Band Radio, or CB radio, is short-distance radio communication system commonly used by truckers or state officials like police. barefooted, discalced, shoeless, unshod, unshoed; Translations . Aside from the various slang and special words used there was an etiquette used by most CB Users when making contact with each other. December 16, 2020 27MHZ AM cb funk cb radio cb radio belarus cb radio england cb radio europe cb radio germany cb radio in europe cb radio netherlands cb radio poland cb radio romania cb radio russia CB RADIO UK citizen band citizen band radio citizens band radio FM made in china multi-EU norms on the air president president electronics It lets you talk from your truck, car, home, business, or boat to other people who have a CB radio. 10-6 Busy, please stand by UK CITIZEN BAND (CB) RADIO In the UK we have the 26. Shop in CB-Radio-Kits- from Moonraker UK Ltd. Weather conditions and time of day (TOD) also affect the range. For example, in the early days of the CB radio, the term "Good Buddy" was widely used. are marked "FCC Approved. Learn more. It wasn't just truckers who wanted to talk like truckers. Words like roger, copy that, over and out, from radio lingo are presented along with their meanings. McCall was a three-way conversation between US truckers using CB radio and CB slang to create a narrative where users of the technology were able to undermine society’s mores High-quality Cb Radio men's t-shirts designed and sold by independent artists around the world. Disigned for short distance communication between individual people, CB's can be used without a license and for either personal or business use. Handheld Ham Radio: They are small and lightweight. The use of CB in the UK became a bit of a “craze”. A to Z 1980's CB Radio SLANG, some are still used today A Ace - Important CB operator. rec. cb radio slang uk

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